SSA Mexico operates in the most important Mexican ports offering diversified services in the port industry, whether operating container terminals, cruise terminals, automobile terminals and general cargo.

SSA Mexico is a subsidiary of Carrix, one of the largest privately-owned port operators in the world, with operations in:


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- Mexico

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Lazaro Cardenas

SSA Mexico

Port of Acapulco.

Acapulco is well known for its beautiful beaches and nightlife.

With two specialized terminals, SSA Mexico focuses its activities on cruises and automobiles.

In addition, SSA offers nautical services to general public as well as a yacht and small vessel storage facility (Dry Storage), a dock for yachts with 35 positions and basic dockside services, a fuel station and a dockside crane.

Cruise Terminal


The port of Acapulco has:

-   2 docking positions of 206 and 198 meters long for vessels with maximum draft of 8.8 and 8.2 meters respectively.
-   One berthing dolphin.
-   4 docking buoys.
-   Two storage facilities, the first one, a 3,703 square meters multi-use facility, also used for boarding and disembarking of passengers and luggage; the second one, a 2,285 square meters storage facility for dry general shipments.

Passenger Services

The cruise terminal has:

-   Sale of handcrafts and jewelry within the facilities
-   24 hrs surveillance.
-   Authorized land transportation services.
-   Tour operators.

Cruise lines

-  Cruise and Maritime Voyages
-  Norwegian Cruise Line
-  Oceanía Cruises
-  Regent Seven Seas

Automobile Terminal


The Port of Acapulco has:

-   A specialized automobile terminal with a static capacity for 2,000 units.
-   Adjacent parking for 500 units which is connected to the main terminal.
-   All facilities are paved, fenced and equipped with CCTV surveillance service.


SSA Mexico has the following equipment to perform the operations:

-   Specialized software.
-   Car wash.


-  Chrysler
-  Freightliner
-  General Motors
-  International
-  K Line America, Inc.
-  Nissan
-  NYK Line
-  Volkswagen



Costera Miguel Alemán S/N Malecón Fiscal, Centro

Acapulco, Gro. C.P. 39300

Tel. (52-744) 482-5495; 483-5600

Fax (52-744) 483-1648


SSA Mexico

The Port of Cozumel

Cozumel is one of the largest islands in Mexico with 48 km of length and 15 km of width. Its privileged position and incomparable beauty have made it one of the main cruise destinations worldwide.

Through tender's service, Cozumel connects with places such as Xcaret, Cancun and Playa del Carmen. In addition, there are ferry services that connect it to the port of Calica.

Cruise Terminal


The International Cruise Terminal has a total area of
25,388 m².

-  More than 1,000 meters of dock.

-  A small berth for on site water
tours for passengers arriving to our terminal.

-  The shopping mall has an area of 6,637 m².

-  24 Hour line handlers and security.

Passenger Services

Among the several services available in SSA
Mexico's terminal you will find:

-   Entirely renovated facilities, inspired by the Mayan culture.
-   Great variety of restaurants and coffee shops.
-   More than 110 commercial venues.
-   Duty-free stores.
-   Bus and taxi service.
-   Car rental.
-   Tour operators.
-   State-of-the-art security system.
-   "Universal Access" program to guarantee the enjoyment of visitors with disabilities.

Cruise lines

-  Celebrity Cruises
-  Disney Cruises
-  MSC Cruises
-  Royal Caribbean



Terminal de Cruceros

Carretera a Chankanaab km 4.5, Costera Sur

Cozumel, Q.Roo C.P. 77600

Tel. (52-987) 872-1700; 872-1722; 872-5818

Fax (52-987) 872-1744

Lazaro Cardenas

SSA Mexico

Port of Lazaro Cardenas.

The most important Port in the Mexican Pacific for finished vehicles.

Infrastructure and highly qualified personnel are capable of offering the highest quality and efficiency.


-   Total extension of 46.5 hectares.
-   Static capacity of 15,000 units and dynamic capacity of 540,000 annual.
-   Berth of 600 meters long with two docking positions and 14 meters depth.
-   Dock designed with specialized platforms for RoRo vessels.
-   Turning basin and navigation channel with 16.5 meters depth.
-   6 railroad spurs connected to the port rail system.
-   Electric substation, fire protection system, CCTV 24/7, among others.


-   RoRo and PCC vessel loading and unloading.
-   Delivery and receiving to haulaway trucks and specialized railcars.
-   VPC for added value services such as: car wash, REPUVE and sticker placement, accessorizing, sound system placement, among others.
-   Specialized area for repairs and painting.
-   Ramps for undercoating services.



Av. Rector Hidalgo No. 120, Int. 4

C.P 60950

Tel. (753) 537-67-53

Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán


SSA Mexico

Port of Manzanillo

SSA Mexico operates the leading Specialized Container Terminal in the Port of Manzanillo.

Manzanillo is strategically located, and has direct access to the Colima-Guadalajara-Mexico City highway.

Container Terminal


-   Dock with a total length of 1,350 meters
-   16 meters of draft
-   32 hectares for container storage
-   Yard’s Static capacity: 33,000 TEU’s
-   3 railway tracks of 500 meters each
-   Six-lane entrance and exit checkpoints
-   Inspection zone with positioning capacity of 360 containers per day
-   Warehouse of 5,000 square meters for LCL
-   1,064 power plugs for refrigerated cargo
-   2 off docks:
6-hectare off dock for full containers, with capacity for 7,500 TEUs.
10-hectare off dock for empty containers with capacity for 15,000 TEUs


-   Cranes:
   •  2 Panamax
   •  4 Post-Panamax
   •  10 Super Post-Panamax
-   RTG’s: 44
-   RMG’s: 4
-   11 Top loader / 14 Side loader
-   Chassis: 134
-   Bomb carts: 154


-  APL
-  MSC
-  ONE
-  PIL



Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado #855

Fracc. Playa Azul

C.P. 28218

Manzanillo, Colima

Tel. (52-314) 331-1000


SSA Mexico

Port of Progreso

The port of Progreso is the main entrance to the largest archeological site in Mexico, Chichén-Itzá. Progreso is also the main access to the Yucatan Peninsula and has direct access to Merida, the state capital.

SSA Mexico operates the only Cruise Terminal in the Port of Progreso.

Progreso is located 6.5 kms from the coast, the access to the port is through the navigation channel which has a length of 7 kms and a draft of 12 mts.

Cruise Terminal


SSA Mexico Cruise Terminal has:

-   An area of 56,000 m².
-   A berth with 2 docking positions for
cruise ships.
-   One berthing dolphin for a total length of 330 m. 160 m. of berth and a draft of 9.5 m.
-   A 54.75 m. ferry dock with a berthing dolphin for a total length of 110 m. and a draft of 6.5 m.
-   A yard of 4,580 m².
-   Line handlers services.

Passenger Services

Among the several services available in SSA Mexico’s terminal you will find:

-   Duty-free
-   Customs and immigration facilities
-   Parking
-   Buses
-   Taxi services
-   Tour operators
-   Security

Cruise lines

-  Carnival
-  Celebrity Cruises
-  Costa Cruises
-  Holland America Line
-  Royal Caribbean
-  Royal Olympic Cruises
-  Scotia Prince
-  Regent Seven Seas Cruises



Terminal de Cruceros

Calle 32, Entrada Muelle Fiscal

Progreso, Yuc. C.P. 97320

Tel. (52-969) 934-7023; 934-7024

Fax (52-969) 934-7021


SSA Mexico

Port of Veracruz

The port of Veracruz is leading port for automobiles in Mexico.

SSA Mexico also provides services for general cargo, steel products, bulk, forest products, project cargo, among others.

Automobile Terminal

-   Reception/delivery of units to haulaway truck or rail.
-   Storage facilities.
-   Additional services such as car wash, by means of a specialized archway system, body shop, (minor repair/paint workshop) inspection, sticker and hologram placement, accessorizing, information services, battery replacement/charging, fuel supply, among others.
-   9.5-hectare outdoor yard with capacity for 4,600 units.
-   CCTV and 24/7 security

Our customers:

Automobile and Truck Manufactures:

-  VW Mexico
-  Nissan
-  Mercedes/Smart
-  Suzuki
-  Land Rover / Jaguar
-  Renault
-  Audi
-  Peugeot
-  Mantruck
-  Freightliner
-  International

PCC & RO-RO Carriers:

-  VW Logistics
-  Wallenius (WWL)
-  K-Line
-  NYK
-  MOL
-  Hoegh
-  Clipper
-  Griegstar Shipping
-  Panocean

General Cargo Operation

-   Multi-purpose cargo handling, specialized on steel coils used for the automotive industry
-   Steel plates, Pipes, Steel beams, Sheet piles, Steel wire, Project Cargo, Aluminum
-   1,082 square meters indoor storage facility with capacity for 4,500 steel coils.

Breakbulk Cargo Costumers:

-  Lagermex / Thyssen
-  Nicometal
-  Posco
-  La Costeña
-  Crown Envases
-  Gonvauto
-  Gestamp
-  Aceros y Overollings
-  Salzgitter

Breakbulk Cargo Lines:

-  Hyundai
-  Panocean
-  Clipper
-  Spliethoff
-  Rickmers Line
-  BBC
-  Griegstar Shipping
-  Oldendorf
-  Sinoriches Enterprises



Emparan No. 200 1er. Piso, Col. Centro

Veracruz, Ver. C.P. 91700

Tel. (229) 923-38-00

Fax. (229) 989-47-19


SSA Mexico

Port of Tuxpan

At only 293 km, Tuxpan is the closest port to México City, which means great savings in time and logistic costs.

The port of Tuxpan, Veracruz is located un the central region of the Gulf of Mexico, which allows excellent connectivity through Arco Norte into the Bajío area of the country.




Carr. La Barra Sur km 7+800

Tuxpan, Veracruz

Tel (783) 1023900







1. ¿What procedure must be done in terminal if a container is rolled from one vessel to another?

‘Vessel Name’ field is not validable for the terminal, so the user needs to make sure that the customs declaration has been released, even if it has been released for a different vessel, it is not necessary to rectify.

2. What is the procedure for an extraordinary service?

The custom broker is responsible of requesting the extraordinary service with the local customs, under the guidelines that it establishes, so any doubt in this process should be consulted directly with the authority. According with the terminal, the user should add the following e-mail addresses in the request done to the customs: and The broker will receive the answer with the confirmation of the schedule from the terminal, Monday to Friday from 17:00 hrs and Saturdays from 12:30 hrs.

3. What service should be selected to program an ocular inspection of LCL cargo?

Cargo inspection.

4. What is the process to release a container that is held by more than one customs declaration?

Generate a transaction per document, in case of import, from the first pre – released document, the system will send an icon of a balance and this will remain until the last document is validated. In case of export, while documents are being pre-released, the user must wait until the last declaration is pre-released to bill their pending costs.

5. How to recover a copy of an EIR of entrance/exit by truck?

The broker needs show the request of the maneuver service for “EIR reprint” and the reference for invoicing at the Documentation office . The cost is $237.62 + IVA per document.

6. How many free days are given for storages?

For import, 7 free days are given and in export the number of free days is 15. These days apply to all the cargo, even if it is special cargo (dangerous, oversized or reefer).

7. How many free days are given for connections?

There are no free days for connections of reefer containers.

8. How to request a storage quotation?

When the container enters to the terminal and it does not count with any type of lock, the broker can calculate the storages pending for invoicing until the date that he requires, logging in to forecast system, in menu “containers” and filling the data required.

9. How to request late arrival for export containers?

The request should be analyzed directly with the shipping line, that according with the established procedure will perform the corresponding activities with the terminal.

10. Which requirements are needed to register a custom patent in terminal?

The following documents need to be shown in the department of “recinto fiscalizado”
  •  Letterhead with the patent application, which needs to be sealed and signed by the local manager or legal representative of the Company.
  •  Copy of the official ID of the local manager or legal representative of the Company.
  •  Power of attorney copy
  •  Copy of Constitutive act of the Company
  •  RFC and R1 copy
  •  Proof of address copy
  •  Copy and original of the Local registry in customs

11. What to do if a clarification or cancelation of an invoice is required?

The request should be sent to the following e- mail address: (it is not necessary to copy any other e-mail) with invoices annexed in PDF format, as well as the clarification annexes and the format of future cancelations, in case of not having it, you can ask for it in the following e-mail address:

12. What are the hours for customer service?

Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs, and Saturdays from 9:00 to 13:00 hrs.

13. How can I request a visit at the terminal?

Send an e-mail with the request with the company’s full name and names of the people who will visit the terminal, as well as their ID in PDF format, date and hour of the visit to the following e- mail address: You must send attached a bossiness card of each visitor.

14. How can I request a review at route?

The custom broker should show at the documentation office the request of the maneuver “review at route” and the appointment at call center, at least 2 hours before the appointment.

15. Which option offers the terminal if you have an urgent import container (critic)?

Use our “pre advice” service, which allows the special segregation in yard for the container outbound, even in the same day of its unload, without waiting that the vessel finishes its operations. You can get the information and format in the following address:

16. What is the cost of cancelation/ re invoicing?

The cost of cancelation/reinvoicing is $400 pesos + IVA per invoice.

17. Is it necessary to create annex 29 for train exports?

It is not necessary to create annex 29 for containers unloaded by train

18. What information should be filled out in the field “marks” when creating the BOL for LCL cargo?

In the field “marks” is necessary to indicate the volume of cargo; otherwise it won’t be possible to send the appointment automatically, until this field is completed.

19. Is it possible to make modifications in annex 29?

Yes, in any field, except the number of container and seal, only when the container has not entered into the terminal and the authority has not confirmed annex 29. To modify the container number or seal, is necessary to verify that there is no appointment from call center, otherwise it will be necessary to send a request to customer service to cancel the registry of the appointment for entrance, indicating “how it says” and “how it should say” to continue with the modification of annex 29 and request a new one.

20. Which is the e-mail address to send a resume?

21. How to verify the list of final destinations requested in annex 29 in the exporter data section?

Consult listing of final destination of merchandise in Annex 22 appendix 4.

22. How are the entrance of exports and imports performed at the terminal?

Imports enter directly to the terminal, just as it is mention in the pass send by call center. In export it is necessary to enter to regulator yard; from here it will be sent to the Off Dock or terminal, depending on how it is specified in the pass from call center. In case of transits, oversized cargo and reefer cargo, the containers enter directly to terminal, without passing through the regulator yard.

23. From which day the storage days start counting?

By vessel (imports), train or truck (exports), the days start to count the next day the container arrives to terminal.

24. From which day the connection days start to count?

The same day the container enters to the terminal, either by vessel (imports), truck or train (exports)

25. What process should be done to remove the abandoned cargo?

The custom broker should go to the documentation office with the released document from customs, his maneuver for the outbound of the cargo and the proof of prepayment.

26. How to remove a full export container that entered to the off dock?

The broker needs to show at the documentation office his requests of services for the maneuver from yard to truck and the pass that call center send for his entrance. Once the documentation office issues the invoice, seals the maneuver and releases the unit, they provide the documentation to the custom broker who must request the appointment through the call center web page to remove the container with import category and full status. Receives the appointment and delivers maneuver, previous appointment and the new one to the transport agent who needs to show them at the off dock for the delivery of the container.

27. What is the process to program an additional maneuver to an export container when it counts with a released customs declaration?

The custom broker needs to show at the documentation office their cancelation letter of the released of custom declaration, consisting of a free writing requesting the mentioned cancelation and specifying the container or containers and numbers of custom declarations that need to be canceled, as well as the reason, and a note that disclaims the terminal of any liability.

28. How to remove an empty container assigned by the shipping line?

The custom broker must show a maneuver from yard to truck and an assignation letter by the shipping line, directly to the yard of empty containers.

29. How to request a re-assignation appointment?

If the appointment has not expired, request it by e-mail to the address: If the hour of the appointment already expired, the agent needs to upload again the request to the call center web page and wait for the notification.

30. In which cases an invoice for extraordinary service outbound will be issued?

Every time import cargo exits the terminal from Monday to Friday after 20:00 hrs, Saturdays or Sundays after 14:00 hrs.

31. In which cases the invoice for the charge of extemporaneous full container reception will be issued?

When the export cargo is released, after the documentary closure of the vessel.




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Tel. +52 (744) 482-54-95
In Cozumel:
Tel. +52 (987) 872-17-00
In Lazaro Cardenas:
Tel. (753) 537-67-53
In Manzanillo:
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